Find your dream board.

It's our passion to create the best paddle boards in the world. Now here's your chance to share in the stoke and get the hottest new boards under your feet.

Whether it's our lineup of world-beating race boards (the all-round Evo, flat water Edge, downwinding Storm or open ocean Unlimited), high performance SUP surfboards or our long-lasting range of touring boards, ONE has a dream board waiting for you.

All of our boards come with ultra high quality, long-lasting, industry-leading construction and the full support of the ONE crew.

The EVO Series

All Round Master

The EVO is our most popular race board. There is nothing this board can't do: Waves, flat water, open ocean.

The Storm Series

Downwind Machine

There is probably no faster board in the ocean. This proven, race-winning, dugout design is a high performance downwind machine.

The EDGE Series

Flat Water Weapon

This is the ultimate gliding board. If flat water speed and efficiency is what you're looking for, look no further than the EDGE.

The Unlimited Series

Open Ocean Beast

If you are wanting to chase ocean bumps in high winds or cross ocean channels, then this 17'7" beast is made for you.

The 12'6 Pro Series

Pocket Rocket

The 12'6 Pro Model is our versatile little pocket rocket, perfect for beach races or juniors looking to step up to a serious race board.

Surfboard Range

Our new range of paddlesurf boards aren't just high performance, they come with the highest quality construction on the market.

World-Class Construction

At ONE, we take pride in what we deliver to you, and you can trust that the design and construction of every board has been tested over and over to bring you the very best.

Before any board makes it to the production room, our talented team of designers and riders puts every prototype through its paces.

Our team riders paddle, race and surf with our production boards because ONE offers everyone an edge on the water.

We also use a world-leading production facility to create boards that will stand the test of time.

Designed by Ben Tardrew

The full range of ONE boards have been designed by master designer and world-class paddler Ben Tardrew, a former Olympic sailor with over 35 years experience of having fun in the water.